This website serves as a database for everyone investigating the genealogy of the Apon family and for those who are just interested in this family.

Purposes of this site are:
publication of an as extensive, reliable and up-to-date family tree as possible, saved for future generations.
to serve as an international exchange medium for genealogists who do research on the Apon family and relatives.
to serve as a central database for interested familymembers:
providing information (the privacy-laws to be kept in respect)
collecting new information
This website is an initiative of Cees Apon. The first known Apon household, with Engebrecht Apon, baptized on the 3rd of September 1677 in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, as the head of the family can be found here .
Today, we can also find family pedigrees in Indonesia, the United States and Canada and we have heard about Apons living in a.o. Inda, Peru, the Philippines and the Dutch Antilles. I have a database with around 3800 persons. The family tree is available on this website in text and diagrammatic format.
 I am eager to get in contact with people that are investigating the Apon family. If you have information about your own part of the family and want to check if I can "hook" you up to my database and give you an overview of your ancestors, please send an email to

Thanks a lot!
Cees Apon